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Course Aim

The course aims to equip the learner with the knowledge, skills and competences to instruct beginners in enclosed and exposed flat water locations.

Course Entry Requirements

Age- The candidate must be eighteen years or older

Proficiency- Candidates must pass a SUP proficiency test prior to the Level 1 SUP Instructor Course. Candidate must be at Intermediate level. The candidate must demonstrate an ability to: 
-Safely enter the water and get on/off a SUP board independently
-Kneeling paddle between bouys at 20m intervals
-Standing paddle both ways aroung the buoys in a figure of 8 pathway.
-Straight line paddle to a bouy at 200m distances
-Paddle strokes- forward stroke, back padding, sweep stroke, brace stroke, pivot turn, j-stroke, cross bow, stopping at speed.
-Remount the SUP following a deep water capsize
-Maintain safe body position and posture while attemping skills and activities
-Safe dismount
-Self rescue techniques- SUP tow and Double Paddle. 

Water Safety/ First Aid- The candidate must hold a Surf Instructor Beach Award or Beach Lifeguard Award. Where a candidate does not have a beach award they can opt to attend a combined course that includes the Surf Instructor Beach Safety Award. If attending a combined course where a Surf Instructor Beach Award is included please note you must be able to swim 300m in at least 10 minutes.  

Child Protection- The candidate must complete the ISC 3hr Safeguarding 1 Workshop included on the Level 1 SUP Instructor Course.

Vetting- Candidates must be successfully Garda/ Police Vetting before they are accepted on our course.

Course Duration 

  • Day 1 Proficiency Assessment (2pm- 5pm) & Safe Guarding 1 (6pm -9pm)
  • Day 2 Level 1 Course 9am-6pm
  • Day 3 Level 1 Course 9am- 6pm

Course Cost 

Level 1 SUP Instructor €250 (full payment required to secure booking). Level 1 Combined SUP Instructor (includes Surf Instructor Beach Award) €500


The course will be delivered through class based activities to include group work, mock instructing tasks, group discussion, audio visual learning aids, the emphases will be on the instructors leading their own learning and learning through group work and role play activities. There will also be a practical tutoring session where by the tutor will take the instructors through a real life SUP session.


The course will be delivered by Irish Surfing/ NCDP Tutors.

Course Materials

Participants will be provided with Instructors manual and logbook.

Course Assessment

Assessment will include three parts- surf proficiency assessment, session planner assessment and session delivery assessment. Following successful completion of the course the participant will complete 40hrs (20x2hrs sessions) logged practical experience prior to certification.


Irish Surfing Level 1 SUP Instructor card will be awarded to those who attend the full course and satisfactorily complete the course assessments and log book.

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