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Intermediate Surf Instructor

The Intermediate Surf Instructor works with surfers to develope intermediate skills, guiding them from white water to unbroken waves introducing skills such as duck diving, catching unbroken waves, riding in trim and generating speed and drive and performing basci turns. These skills are learned on hard boards on unbroken waves at beach breaks. The  Intermediate Surf Instructor course is aimed at experienced Level 1 Surf Instructors who wish to instruct up to intermediate level.


Intermediate Surfer Definitions

Can take off on unbroken waves, ride in trim on unbroken waves and generate speed and drive and perform basic turn s (bottom, top, cutback and floater). 


This course aims to equip instructors with the skills and knowledge required to develop intermediate skills in the participant.


*Student Ratio

The Level 2 Instructor will operate a 1:8 instructor/ student ratio when in the water with surfers, however it is recommended that groups are split with a maximum of 4 in the water at any given time when observing and working from land. It is not possible for an instructor to accurately observe a group of eight surfing together.

Course Prerequisites

  • Must hold a current Level 1 Surf Instructor Award for a minimum of 2 years
  • Applicants must pass a surfing assessment demonstrating advance surfing proficiency. 
  • Must hold a current Beach Lifeguard or Surf Instructor Beach Award.
  • Must have completed the Safeguarding 1/ ISC 3hr Code of Ethics & Awareness Workshop or Safe Guarding Children (NI)
  • Must have completed Garda Vetting  OR Access NI

The Irish Surfing Association deems the following offences as grounds for refusing a Surf Instructor Application- Offences of a sexual nature, Ill treatment or neglect of children, Offences relating to child pornography, Offences against the person, Drugs Offences, Domestic Violence, Breaches in Trust, Offences against the state, Offences against property, Any other offences that the Irish Surfing Association deems unacceptable.




4 days



To complete certification a candidate must:
Successfully complete the Level 2 Surf Instructor Course, return required documentation of development and delivery of progression plan for level 2 surfers.  The Level 2 Award is valid for 2 years OR until candidate’s beach lifeguard certificate expires. On completion a candidate will received a Level 2 Surf Instructor card.

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