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The Novice Surf Lesson

The best, safest and easiest way to take up surfing is to have a lesson at an Irish Surfing Registered Surf Club or School. Here you will be introduced to the basic skills of surfing in a safe and enjoyable environment. Even if you’ve started surfing on your own or with friends, if you don’t feel confident on a surfboard, consider getting a lesson.
When you arrive at the beach you will be introduced to your instructor and equipment. The instructor will explain the format of the lesson and introduce you to basic beach safety. 
Once you’re in your wetsuit (make sure you put it on correctly with the zip to the back!) you’ll hit the beach, board under arm, with your instructor and the rest of the class.
Your instructor will demonstrate the basics and you will practice these on the beach before getting into the water:
1.Prone position- lie centrally on the surfboard with your feet at the tail, legs straight and together, head and shoulders back. 
2.Paddling- to catch a wave you need to paddle so that the board is moving. Once your board is moving the wave will pick you up. Looking straight ahead (head and shoulders back) you should paddle using alternate arms, reaching out along the surfboard rails and pulling back through the water. 
3.Pop up- in one clean movement, use the muscles in your arms, stomach and thighs to push off the board and spring to your feet. When standing your feet should be central on the surfboard, with your front foot at a 45 degree angle to the stringer (surfboard’s center line) and your back foot at a 90 degree angle to the stringer, knees slightly bent and arms out. Once you pop up check which foot is at the back, this is the foot you will put your leash on when you get to the water’s edge. 

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